• Our commitment to ensure that all our BEAMS users are getting the most out of their software is as strong as ever.
  • Ensuring that the implementation of Beams into your working environment, is a smooth transition, is something we consider of high importance.
  • As such we have incorporated an Implementation Training Package with the initial software subscription setup, this Includes an additional 1hr session for each additional subscription license users.
  • Training begins with the focus on the Estimating process and then flowing into Scheduling and ordering. Lastly we bring the processes together by incorporating all of the Accounting functions.
  • Bookings can be scheduled from Monday to Friday dependant on availability, for online one on one training sessions.
  • We use TeamViewer to provide a personalised training session tailored to your specific needs.
  • Note – Bookings are essential and Costs are applicable for additional training required.

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